Kunnathoor Durga Devi Temple
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History of Temple

The Kunnathoor temple situated in Mannar, Kuttemperoor is very much rooted in past history which is 1 km far East of Koickal Junction ( Thiruvalla-Kayamkula state Highway) – Ennakkadu route. The temple  is said to have a sustained four generation ancestors  which is much related with Edavana family.

 A women from the family in the midst of her travel took rest at Kunnathoor Illam for food which is near to  Budhanoor Kunnathoor Kulangara temple and chanced upon a stone Icon and took it as a divine intuition told her so. It is also said she took the stone for pulverizing nuts for betel leaf chewing, but she got possessed and reached home in a ecstasy state of mind. Astrologers found the stone having some ‘Chaitanya’ and as a mark of respect lighted traditional light before  traditional granary store ( Patahyappura). Even if it showed no negative effects but it showed some results because the purity in home atmosphere was not enough for its upkeep and presence. Later it was kept in Perunthuruthy Kavu ( trees grown unperturbed and protected sacredly)  which is very much situated where present temple is built.

As the divine Devi presence was not propitiated in the right ways the inmates of the family got ‘Vasoori’ which is similar to Chicken Pox, much frightening disease as curse which is known as ‘Amma Vilayattom’  giving miseries to the family. The divine Stone left unnoticed for two generations period.  As a coincidence of destiny this time there was unsettled court dispute over the administration of Sri Kathiyayani Temple Kuttemperoor between local devotees and Kuttemperoor Variyam family which was ruled in favor of Sri Warrier and the general people wished to take over the present Kunnathor temple which was known as Perumthuruthikavu to accomplish their wish and to compensate the loss of Sri Kathyayani Temple.

By  Malayalam  era known as Kolla Varsham 1090 the local people take control over ‘Kavu’ and land around and installed new Vighraha ( Devi Icon) and natural Stone which was being worshipped according to Tantric order and major constructions of Sree Kovil ( Sanctum Sanctorum), Thidappally, Nalambalam and fencing was done. Kunnathoor Temple transitioned or transformed to source of succor to all Hindus  living by Kuttemperoor Kulanji Karazhma area and by 1101  a legal contract came into effect which gives the people their rights over the temple to serve or to become a part of its functions. The present temple got its present name ‘KUNNATHOOR’ because the temple and its presiding deity has its origin in Budhanoor Kunnathoor Kulangara Temple. The temple is also known as Perumthuruthy Kavu temple because its relation with old Kavu ( Perumthuruthy Kavu).

In Malayalam era 1164 Ashtamangala Prasna was done and followed by Ashtabandha Kalsam and renovations was conducted. The Divine Devi Chaitanya in old stone icon was transferred to the present installed Icon according to Tantric invocations and incantations and the old Stone Icon was immersed in Ocean accompanied by Tantric rites. Major Presiding deity is worshipped as ‘Vana Durga’ with roofless Sreekovil but Pooja is done Bhadrakali Tantric worship. As Mother Goddess according to Sakthi Worship took different Bhavas the prosperity giving part is given much importance. Here animal sacrifice was done earlier.  The Edavana family worshiped Mother in Durga Bhava because the ancestor from here got the Stone Icon from a Durga Temple. Later the Goddess was also worshipped in Kali Bhavam receiving advice from Astrologers and Tantra experts. The elder family member of Edavana is given ‘Velichappadu’ authority to serve Goddess.

  For the purpose of worship the three Devi from Kunnathoor Kulangara, Kunnathoor and Cheppazhathil are considered as sisters. The younger sisters Kunnathoor Amma and Cheppazhathil Amma sojourn in midnight (VARATHUPPOKKU)   to meet elder sister Kunnathoor Kulangara, this is felt by different peoples especially those who are living in Northern side of Temple and story is known to many people.  

Vinayaka Chathurthi, Poorada Guruthi, Thiruvonam, Navarathri, Pooja Vezhppu, Ashtami, Ayilliam Pooja, Sivarathri, Meena Bharani, Sapthaham, Navaham, Prathishtavarshikam are major festivals conducted every year in the Temple.

For the last 25 years the temple has owned an Elephant and ‘Anayoottu’ is a major offering. Major offerings PARA ( Paddy )  done by Hindu families. Devotees living in Kuttemperoor and Kulanji Karazham jointly elect members for Temple administration and  the rights for Temple Tantra is bestowed on Budhanoor Adimuttathu Madom.